Is this backpack well suited for students with many textbooks?

At any given time I need to have my Macbook and at least two, if not three 1000 page textbooks, and a portable hard drive (in it's own case). Plus power cables for the Macbook, ethernet and iPhone cables, ~500 pages of notepads, Kensington cable, mouse, battery pack, and a few other small things. I usually have a hoodie in the bag, and sometimes an umbrella if there's an outside pocket for one. Also, I very consistently take my DSLR with me, a Sony Nex-3, so even with all the accessories and it's own bag it's fairly small and fits on top of the textbooks in most backpacks. The general point is, can this backpack handle all that? And if not, which one (not necessarily on here) can fit all of that and retain a similar form factor to this backpack?

  • Asked by Patrick J C from Wexford
  • 05-Jan-2011
Thule Crossover Backpack

Thule Crossover Backpack

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    well, the backpack is adjustable, and would take easily to the Macbook, cables, accessories and hard drive, I would say that it could fit the three textbooks, but adding the notebooks may put into overload. if you want to fit your dslr, there is space on top, but be prepared to be uncomfortable carrying all this around. take a look at your local apple store, mine if carrying them now, if you think that it may not fit it all, then take a look at the thirty liter backpack. bet keep in mind that is is more of a duffel bag rather than a backpack,and doesn't have the front compartment this one has, it has more space and is about the same price.

    long story short, i think this could hold it all, but it would probably be a tight squeeze, and may be uncomfortable from the weight.

    PS, i wold carry the dslr separately, the backpack is slim and you have a surprising freedom of movement with it. either way, you cant go wrong, this is an extremely durable bag. It's lasted me my freshman year until here in my sophomore.

    • Answered by Blake C from Allen
    • 24-Feb-2011