Is there any way to put a song file (mp3 or an m4a) in a track in Logic 9 to simply remove the drum tracks from that song?

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    This isn't possible in ANY software or hardware, digital or analog. The reason is when you have audio that has been mixed-down all the audio sources for the song have been combined. The reverse process, which is what you might be looking to do will require that the file has a way to present the unmixed sound so you can extract the source you need. That's not possible with an MP3 or M4A file.

    Probably the non-technical version of this is: How can we extract the egg from a baked cake. It doesn't matter what tool you use. It won't happen.

  • When you are talking about an audio file you have to remember that it is all combined sonically into one package. So, No would be the answer.

  • Nope