Is there any convenient way to connect the new (Sept 2010) Apple TV to the Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display as well as to a MacBook Pro?

One could unplug and switch input sources to send a signal to the display, but that is a clumsy solution. What is the most elegant way to accomplish this?

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

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    You can't simply 'just plug in' the new apple tv into the led cinema display. The apple tb outputs hdmi and the cinema display accepts displayport. These standards are mutually incompatible. However with something like the Atkins hd 620, you can switch between the two input sources easily, as it takes both hdmi and displayport and switches between them, including upconverting the apple tv. It works well (I am using the setup right now), however it is a little pixellated from the apple tv if you sit too close (it outputs at 720p), and you need to keep your Mac on to adjust the display brightness or audio volume (those are controlled through USB). I use an external dac anyway, so I don't have the volume issue.