Is the GoPro capable of mounting on my guitar almost anywhere and record?

Im a musician and I want to be able to put the GoPro on my guitar to record me playing from different angles and such. Is the GoPro capable of that?

GoPro HERO3+ Video Camera - Black Edition

GoPro HERO3+ Video Camera - Black Edition

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    Yes, but you might need to buy an additional mount, one that suits your needs.

  • Yes, it you look on the Go Pro site you will find videos that have been filmed exactly as you describe.

  • Yes, they have plenty of mounts available through GoPro. I've also built a bunch of DIY mounts that work perfectly. I really enjoy the shot when you attach the GoPro to the headstock looking down at the guitar. Freakin' Awesome.

  • Yes you can use the gopro camera for mounting and recording your guitar performances, but gopro doesn't come with a mount for using in guitar so you have to buy the mount separately for using the gopro with the guitar.