is it possible to replace the battery in the sensor? or must I buy a new sensor?

my receiver no longer detects my sensor. I am assuming that the sensor battery is dead. can I replace it, or do I need to buy a new sensor? how long is the sensor battery supposed to last?

Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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    You can't replace the battery, you will need a new sensor. The quoted battery life is 1000 hours. In terms of time, people are getting about 18 months to two years depending how hard they train, of course.

  • Unfortunately, you must replace the sensor at $20 a piece.

  • No, the sensor's battery is not replaceable or rechargeable. The sensor’s battery has a life of over 1000 active hours. The sensor sends a low battery signal when there is around 2 weeks of life remaining (based on usage pattern), indicating that the sensor needs to be replaced. Battery life will vary considerably based on use and other factors.