Is it a protective case ?

Incase Slider Case for iPhone 3GS

Incase Slider Case for iPhone 3GS

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    Yes, in fact just yesterday my phone fell out of my front shirt pocket onto the sidewalk. The case was beat up and cracked, actually chipped off a piece, but no damage to the phone!

  • On a recent bender I dropped my iPhone about three times, from a height of about 4ft, on to a concrete floor. No damage to the phone and no damage to the case. I've had other cases and this is by far the best... The case still looks new and I've had it for 8mths... the other reviewers must be really abusing their technology! I'd highly recommend. (I've got the white one)

  • It's a hard case, so it protects against scratches very well. It's not very shock-absorbent, but I did drop my iPhone a few weeks ago while in this case and the phone is fine. The case had a small bit break off (the piece that wraps around the volume control buttons), which indicates to me that the case absorbed the impact and shielded the phone from at least some of it.