If when the Time Capsule harddrive fails, there is no easy way to recover your data what is the point of using the Time Capsule to back up your data?

If I back up to an external drive, I can just plug that drive into another computer and recover the data. With the Time Capsule the data is simply gone, there is no way to plug it in to something and transfer the files out. Why bother buying this product if there is no system to recover data from it???

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    The Idea behind any backup drive is to preserve data in the event of a system crash, or loss of data from the primary storage. You should have 2 backup's in case one of them fails. The Time Capsule drive would be your active backup, something that you can do an instant recovery of data with. You should have a second (redundant) backup that you do every now and then on your own, separate from Time Capsule. For example, I have two 1.5 TB drives, I use one for my data (primary storage), and the other for the Time Capsule (active BU) for my imac. I then hook a 2 TB drive (redundant BU) to the imac every week, and sync all the files from the Primary drive and imac, to the redundant BU drive (excluding the time capsule drive since it will have everything from the primary storage on it already). I then place the redundant drive in a water/fire proof safe for a reliable backup. If you have important data that you cannot loose at all, I would recommend that you invest in more than just one redundant BU drive, and store it elsewhere, or get an online backup drive.

    If the above is followed, then you should have no problem with recovering the "lost" data at any time from the redundant BU drive, in the event that you cannot recover data from your primary storage or Time Capsule. Again, the time capsule would be more of an active backup that changes all the time, and things that you delete can be recovered instantly. I would not rely on that as the only way to backup your data in the even a catastrophic failure occurs.

    Hope this helped.