I have an older AirPort Extreme that I would like to replace. My question is, what makes this better than say a Linksys E Series router?

I am looking to replace my AirPort extreme because it drops my connection at least 10 times a day. I have tried every channel on the device, factory reset it many times, and it just doesn't work. There are no other wireless networks nearby and we don't have any devices here that would interfere with it. What makes the new AirPort Extreme better than the Linksys E2000, E2100L or E3000? Thanks.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Don't just look at the hardware, look at the company standing behind the product.

    My Airport Extreme died in the same way the day before yesterday. I looked up the warranty information and found that it had expired. I was very surprised to discover that the AppleCare extended warranty on my MacBook also covered my Airport Extreme. I made a reservation at the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store and they gave me a brand new one.

    Time Spent:
    Booking Genius Reservation: 2 minutes
    Explaining the problem at the Genius Bar: 6 Minutes
    Waiting for the Apple Guy to get my new Router: 2 Minutes
    Total time spent dealing with Apple: 10 minutes.

    I have had a Linksys router die on me while under warranty. The RMA process to get a replacement was horrible. I would rather visit a dentist that go thought that again. I had to call a number to speak to a Linksys Tech who walked me through lots of tests. Then I had to send in my old one in the mail, then once they determined it was actually dead they sent me a new one.

    Time Spent:
    Phone call with Linksys Tech: 45 minutes (20 Minutes on Hold)
    Packaging and driving to the post office to send back to LinkSys: 20 Minutes
    Waiting for the dead router to arrive at Linksys: 6 Days (+ $24 Shipping)
    Waiting for them to test and send a new router: 8 Days
    Waiting for the new router to arrive in the mail: 10 Days
    Total time spent dealing with Linksys: 24 Days 65 Minutes.

    You do the math. I was lucky to have an old router on hand to use as a backup. Most people don't can you go 24 days without a network?

  • The main difference is that the AirPort Extreme Base Station has a USB port for connection to a USB printer or Hard Drive. The other difference is less concrete but very important too; it's made by Apple. You can always trust Apple for well-built products and great customer support.