How to open a vst intrument using logic studio ?

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QA Logic Studio

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    There's no direct support for VSTs in Logic. But you can load VSTs into Plogue Bidule, an AudioUnit that can be loaded as a software instrument or effect in Logic, or run in stand-alone mode via. Rewire. There's another benefit to doing this in that Bidule allows you to access the midi ports on your VST instruments and effects.

  • You can't open any VST's in Logic, because it only supports AU's. However, if for some reason your favorite VST isn't already offered in AU format (all the best ones generally are ;-) there are third-party, VST "wrappers" that will open VST's within an AU--but I've never actually gotten anything like that to actually work.

    So rather than trying wacky workarounds, which will likely cause logic to crash, even if they work--my advice is to look for alternative products to achieve the same sounds or you might try to use another program to host your VST's, and just bounce the audio and import it into logic, or use ReWire.