How is the bass on these headphones?

I want a pair of cans which can provide great bass without disorientation (a la Dr Dre Studios).
Would these do the job? I listen to a lot of dubstep and want headphones which compliment it :)

  • Asked by Sam B
  • 24-Sep-2011
Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Product No Longer Available

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    If you listen to rap and hip hop I'd recommend you buy the Beats equivalent. These headphones don't dress up the sound, instead they offer clarity and natural sound - meaning if there is x amount of bass in the song then these headphones give x amount of bass and no more. However, that's not to say the bass isn't satisfactory.

    In short, if you want lots and lots of bass, buy the Beats headphones, but if you want clarity and sound quality, buy these.

    • Answered by Andrew R
    • 23-Oct-2011
  • The Skull Candy Rocknation Aviators are decent...but the P5's do push a good amount of bass without EQ while still maintaining quality.. If you have a poorly mastered song - you will hear hissing from the poor track mastering it's not the p5's.

    • Answered by Samir N from Danville
    • 17-Nov-2011