How do you attach the tag, and could I use it on a child?!

Could you use it, say, at a festival or other crowded location to keep tabs on kids - and find them if they wandered off?

Mi-zone 2-way theft alarm for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Mi-zone 2-way theft alarm for iPhone, iPad and iPod

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    Hi Sharon

    I'm a security consultant and try out as many of these gadgets as I can. Your question is one of those that concerns me mainly due to the fact that you are trying to protect your children and that's a good reason to try these things. However I have just purchased two of these at a cost of about £75.00 for testing purposes only and using them to tag a child would be a no from me. It's all about ease of use and simply getting fed up with false alarms. The units Bluetooth Technology is susceptible to lots of interference. In fact if I wrap my hand around the device while I stand beside my phone I can cause the phone to trigger an alarm due to loss of signal, the flip side is that I can easily turn off the unit accidentally and not get an alarm at all, not something you want if it is protecting your child. I would have to say that the false sense of security this could give you or a child could be far more dangerous than any benefit it provides.

    This is a great product to tag your laptop bag and make sure you don't lose it in your favourite coffee shop but I think it should be left at that.

  • It comes with a keyring which you are meant to keep hold of so yes, you could possibly say to your child, "hold onto this, don't go too far it may embarrass you". then there you go. Sorted.

  • Hi Sharon, you attach the Tag via bluetooth to your iPhone or iPad, and their is a key ring in the box to attach the Tag to the item you want to protect. You could attach the tag to a child - the maximum range is approximately 9 meters, so they wouldnt be able to go too far without you knowing - it would depend how far you were comfortable with your child wandering!!