How do they rate to Beats by Dr Dre (studio)?

  • Asked by Oliver S
  • 25-Feb-2010
Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

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    I tried the Beats by Dr Dre in the Apple store in Glasgow. The sound was very impressive with exceptionally strong bass. On some tracks I could actually feel the ear pads vibrating. The sound leakage was minimal compared to how loud it was for the head phones wearer. I then tried the P5's (also tried the Bose which were good but not as good, for me.) and found the bass slightly less pronounced than the Dr Dre and there in lies the problem (for the beats by Dr Dre). The bass is huge on the Beats but it just does not sound as natural as the P5's. The overall sound from the P5's is more realistic and I would agree with the B&W sale blurb that they will be better for listening to music for longer periods. I also agree with the other reviewer that the Beats will suit Hip-hop and Bass jukies better than the P5's but the P5's will probably suit everyone else. The thing is that people will look for different qualities in their sound reproduction and favour one brand or another but their is no denying the overall quality of these cans. I have a pair of Shure 530's as well that I just love but don't always want to stick things right into my ear canals. I was so impressed with the P5's that I went back to the store 4 days later and bought a pair. I am still listening to music with a big smile on my face. If you are in the market for some headphones in this price range you have got to audition the P5's or you'll kick yourself.

    • Answered by Lex K
    • 07-Mar-2010
  • They sound more linear and natural without any added base or treble. They do not have active noise cancelling and do not require batteries. The build is for more solid since it's all metal and leather. Beats are majority plastic

    • Answered by Han Wei T from London
    • 07-Mar-2010
  • Based upon audio magazine reviews the P5 is vastly superior,my understanding is that the Beats are seriously over priced. When I tried the P5's gave me a wow moment and I brought them the same day. I didn't like the Beats but I like a natural sound and if you are a bass freak who listens to nothing but hiphop I think the Beats might be a better choice.

    • Answered by Andrew I
    • 27-Feb-2010
  • BEATS is just that: the beat. Nothing more. With all due respect to the good Doctor, his cans are NOT meant for much more than the music he produces. The P5s are real, reference-grade cans that not only let the entire spectrum sing, but also feature a mic and inline audio controls. No comparison. P5s are worth every dollar they cost.

    • Answered by Judith D from Pelham Manor
    • 02-Jul-2010
  • They are cleaner sounding than the dre's..the dre's are good for booming bass...that said the shure 503's blow these away...not impressed

    • Answered by Michael K from Northport
    • 24-Mar-2010
  • I consider myself an audiophile... Wilson speakers all the way.
    I love the look of the Dre headphones, but was sorely disappointed with the audio.
    The freq response seems to be off in a way I can't put my finger on it. The distortion is palpable and fatiguing. I love Dre as an artist, but he should not have put his name on this all show, no go headphones.

    B&W offered by Apple is a far better headphone. BTW, I have to say I do NOT like B&W loudspeakers for the listening room... they are awful really. But their headset feels very good, and seems to be the best in the Apple Store. Is it the best $299 can buy... no clue, can't help there.

    • Answered by Tony Z from Saratoga
    • 09-Apr-2011