How deep is the opening in the bottom center of the stand, designed for charging?

I am wondering if the apparently-workable usb keyboard through camera connection kit will fit in the space allowed. (it seems like a kinda big pluggin to attach without being to large.)

Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad

Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad

Product No Longer Available

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    There is enough room at the bottom to attach a charger. I am not sure of the amount of space the camera connection kit would need. I will write an answer to you as soon as I know for sure, as soon as my camera kit arrives.

  • I don't have this stand, so take this for what it's worth ...

    Any attachment that doesn't fit the dock connector in the bottom of the iPad could be solved in 2 ways: 1. turn the iPad into landscape orientation, or 2. turn the iPad upside down so that the dock connector is pointing up. In each case there is no obstruction for a cord and the accelerometer will take care of the rest. You may not prefer to have a big cord sticking out the top of your iPad, but that would be one solution.