How can I monitor sleep?

I have followed the few directions which appear on the app for SHIe. Now how does it tell me results?

Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor

Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor

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    Tap it 3 times when you are in bed. When you start walking again, the item will stop tracking your sleep. At least this is what I observed.

    With the current version, it can track whether you are in Light Sleep or Deep Sleep. It will show you a time-based graph showing you when you are in Light Sleep and when you are in Deep Sleep. It also gives you a summary of total number of hours of sleep and total number hours of Deep Sleep. I guess the Deep Sleep Tracking has something to do with your movement in sleep.

    I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now and I started noticing that the program is starting to "learn" when I would be going to bed. After synchronization with the App in the morning, it will show you two instances of sleeps - the first is a "projected" sleeping period & the second is the actual sleeping period (taken when you triple-tapped the shine).

    But it isn't without any downside - my wife's Shine does not sync as well as mine. It may take her 2~3 times before successfully synchronized sometimes (but after de-linking/re-linking, it seems to sync better this past 1.5 weeks). Another thing is that it does not respond to tapping very well. We often have to give them a few more tries before they react. Also, don't expect it to be highly accurate in tracking steps and calorie burns.

    However, we can live with that quite well. I would say both my wife & I love the Shine. We have practically replaced our watches too (it has an interesting way of time-telling). It also gives me motivation to hit my daily target. 4 of 5 Stars product in my opinion - Simple, Nice Design and it works! Though not highly accurate, it is not of any critical importance because it is the motivation that pushes you to walk another KM that counts.

  • 1) From the shine app, you need to configure your TAGS, and activate the SLEEP TAG

    2) sync your shine with the shine APP, so that your shine now knows that it can toggle between normal monitoring mode and TAG activity mode (which is the sleep TAG that you just configured in step 1)

    2) tap on the shine 3 times before you sleep or go to bed, and it will know that you are going to sleep

    3) next morning when you wake up, sync your shine with the shine APP, and you will see your previous night's sleep information shown as a box below the daily scores *after* the sync is complete

    Note 1: no need to tap to get out of SLEEP activity mode.

    Note 2: every time you fire up your shine app, it will sync automatically with your shine, no need to place it on the screen anymore.

  • Misfit have upgraded the app in the last month to automatically recognise sleep now, so no need to triple tap any longer. You can now use the triple tap for a secondary regular activity. As mentioned by others the results for your sleep are synched to your app and you can see what time you went to sleep, the length of that sleep and deep sleep versus light sleep.