Hi, do these speakers work with airport express?

Edifier Prisma E3350 2.1 Speakers

Edifier Prisma E3350 2.1 Speakers

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    Yes they do work with Airport Express. I had the same question and for some reason could not find an answer anywhere online; not on this forum or any of the other alternative discussion platforms. So after doing my diligence on the performance of the speakers, which by the way is outstanding, I decided that I would buy them and figure out what to do with them if they could not work with Airport. Fortunately, they do work with Airport Express very nicely. I am using these speakers as satellite speakers to create a surround sound in my home when I want to hear my music all over the place....it's a very inexpensive alternative to the Bose Home system.

    Out of the box the sound is great...not as rich as Bose, but sufficient nonetheless...if you want deeper less tinny sounds at higher volumes you'll have to tweak your bass settings a little bit and work with the placement of the speakers and subwoofer then you have a remarkable replacement for Bose. Basically, for really high volume output place the speakers closer to the subwoofer and the bass settings in the mid-range and you're good to go. Aesthetically speaking, they are gorgeously contemporary avent-garde novel little pieces of Art that will look great on any shelf. Enjoy, and I hope this helps with your query.