Has anyone successfully paired it with Polar Loop? Both devices are BlueTooth Smart, so they should work together. Help would be appreciated.

MIO Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Watch

MIO Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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3 Answers from the Community

  • Unfortuantly Polar Loop is ONLY compatable with H6 and H7 blue tooth heart rate sensors-it does SAY it on the packaging that I got! I brought both-H7 heart rate monitor and VERY very happy with the function of this wrist band and heart rate monitor.

  • Actually, much later, figured out that if I put both of these devices on the same hand where the movement of one is not independent from the other, they connect. The trouble is, Mio was having a hard time picking up true heart rate. Back to the strap!

  • Pretty sure it doesn't. I bought a polar loop today to link with the mio alpha but I've had no luck. The polar loop just ignores the alpha. This is frustrating because the polar website states that the polar loop connects with any heart rate monitor that uses bluetooth smart