Even though my battery says its fully charged, my computer shuts off randomly...do I just need to get a new battery?

When unplugged my computer will only stay on for +/- 20 minutes at a time.

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

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    My guess is that your battery's health is way low. Find out the condition of your battery here:

    Apple Menu>About This Mac>More Info>Hardware>Power

    The third section is Health Information. This should tell you the number of cycles your battery has had and its condition. I'm not sure what yours might say, but mine says normal. If yours says normal too, or you want an actual percentage of how healthy your battery is, there is a great widget in Dashboard called iStat Pro. Its a free download and it'll tell you a bunch of information about your Mac including charge, cycles, and health.