Does this work with BodyGuardz or Invisible Shield installed on the phone?

  • Asked by Peter G from Albuquerque
  • 19-Aug-2010
Apple iPhone 4 Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack

Apple iPhone 4 Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack

Product No Longer Available

3 Answers from the Community

  • BodyGuardz Pure adds .4MM of thickness to the phone. So if the case fits tightly to the phone then Pure would not work for you. It's a great screen protector though. I have it with a slim case and it's been all but bullet proof.

    • Answered by Alfred Q from West Valley City
    • 30-Jul-2014
  • Having had to purchase it to find out, let me be clear: This does NOT work with the Zagg Invisible Shield. Upon first insertion, it caused the Invisible Shield to wrinkle up on the back. It very tightly fits the iPhone, so I imagine any such covering on the back won’t fit well. Specifically Zagg’s as it has a high affinity for plastics (an advertised feature — “non-slip”)

    • Answered by Siddharth S from Toronto
    • 20-Jan-2012
  • The product is custom fit to the iphone 4 with no cases on it... as long it does not change the shape of the iphone 4, it will be fine.

    • Answered by Dean Z from New York
    • 22-Aug-2010