Does this have a headphones input?

None of the photos show a close up detail of any of the input/output connections, and the description doesn't really state too specifically whether or not the mixer itself has a headphones input.

I've had a mixer before that didn't have one, and the output on the computer had to be split into two channels - one for the headphones, and the other for the stereo/receiver. This didn't work very well, and I don't want to run into the same problem.

Numark DJ2GO Ultra Compact USB Midi DJ Controller

Numark DJ2GO Ultra Compact USB Midi DJ Controller

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    It doesn't have a headphone jack. The numark Dj 2 go has no sound card. So to cue tracks on your headphones you need a another sound card. You can purchase a USB sound card for about $30. Creative Makes a nice one ! In Virtual Dj you can configure both cards in the configuration. If your using Traktor on Mac you go to " Audio midi setup" and create a aggregate device. In Windows you download Asio driver I believe ? It comes with virtual Dj but works in Traktor. That's how I use it ! G00d lUck !!!! :-)