does this come with an ipod touch 4th gen. sled?

i've been looking to buy one of these cases for my ipod touch for skiing and don't want to spend so much on a gopro. but i can't find any uk sites which sell the XD rugged case with the ipod sled and was wondering whether it comes with it or not. the normal case DOES but I would like an XD case that also includes the sled as i also cannot buy a sled seperately for it. i'd be really pleased if you could help

Optrix XD Rugged Case

Optrix XD Rugged Case

Product No Longer Available

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    Unfortunately the iPod sled is not included (it would have made it a really good buy if it had).
    Also strangely on the box it quotes waterproof to 53cm and a leaflet inside reads "water resistant not waterproof ! Optrix was designed to be used in all types of weather for all types of sports. Optrix is watertight and works in snow, rain and the occasional drop in a puddle. Optrix is not meant to be taken under water or used for sports like wake boarding and surfing."