Does this charger, charge at the same speed as the power brick that came with the iPad originally?

Is this just for an extra power source if you want or does this device actually charge better than the orginal power brick???


Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

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    Of course it's the same Brick charger that came with the iPad, it just has a longer cord.

  • Sadly both answers are a little off. This is not exactly the same charger that originally shipped. The only that originally shipped was a 10 watt charger (not 2 watts). This is a 12 watt charger, so to will charger faster then the original 10 watt version, but not 5 times faster.

  • Actually it charges faster, according to the chap I spoke to in the apple shop I was in. The standard charger is only a 2w charger, so in theory it should charge 5 times faster.