Does this add any functionality to the 7th-gen iPod nano?

The seventh-generation iPod nano that Apple announced today has tech specs which list it as not requiring the receiver that plugs into the dock connector of other iPods and older nanos, nor does it require the sensor that is inserted into Nike shoes.

I'm curious how the new iPod nano tracks distance and pace if it doesn't have the shoe sensor. So to ask clearly, does the new iPod nano (announced October 2011) replace all of the functionality of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit? How does it work? Thanks!

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Product No Longer Available

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  • It contains an accelerometer (the pedometer uses the same). You will need to calibrate it which is very simple, just run as you normally would then at the end of your run you have the option to calibrate (and simply enter in the actual distance you ran). After a couple calibrations it's pretty accurate. No shoe sensor required. I'm assuming the 7th gen is the same as the iPod nano 6th gen, which is what I have.