Does the nest protect require nest thermostat?

Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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    No, it is not required. The NEST Protect will function fully on its own, including connecting to your smartphone app. If you have more than one NEST Protect unit in the house, they can 'talk' to each other, so that if an alarm goes off on one (i.e. the basement) and your somewhere else (i.e. upstairs) all the units will warn you of the fire/CO alarm.

    Though if you DO have both the NEST thermostat and the Protect, they can 'talk' to each other to improve some functionality of the thermostat. i.e.: The sensors on the NEST Protect will report your presence in the house to the thermostat to help improve the auto away feature. Also, if a NEST Protect detects Carbon Monoxide, it will tell the thermostat, which will then shut down your furnace in case it's coming from there.

  • Nope, these products work independently, but when combined with the thermostat the Nest Protect will also shut off the furnace if there is a smoke or CO event.

  • No, it doesn't, they can operate independently. Advantage of having both, for example, is that if carbon monoxide is detected by the protect, it tells the thermostat to stop the boiler from running in case it is the cause. I believe the thermostat can also use the protect motion detectors to determine whether anyone is in the home, giving greater accuracy to the away function.

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