Does the HoverBar you purchased work with your iPad3?

Twelve South HoverBar Stand for iPad

Twelve South HoverBar Stand for iPad

Product No Longer Available

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    While the iPad third generation does work with the Hoverbar, originally engineered for the second generation iPad, I would advise against using it. The Hoverbar with the second gen iPad is a great workflow enhancement, adding additional screen real estate (with Air Display app), or in my case, a great resource to keep iBooks/Kindle/GoodReader/Sente open for researching and writing. However, the Hoverbar isn't engineered for the iPad 3 (its thickness and its weight) and it becomes apparent over time. For example, the bar itself allows the iPad 3 to droop over time, and it doesn't hold, as to be expected, the iPad 3 as fitting as the iPad 2. Thus, I would wait for Twelve South to produce a revised product, accompanying the new specs of the third generation iPad.

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