Does the docking station that comes with the Philips Wake-up light both sync and charge an iphone 4?

Philips Wake-Up Light for iPhone and iPod

Philips Wake-Up Light for iPhone and iPod

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    No, and yes.

    The USB cable that comes from the docking station that comes in the package plugs directly into the larger "bulb" device and does not offer the ability to simultaneously plug into a computer to sync.

    However, if you use iTunes wireless syncing with iOS 5 and later you can sync at the same time if your iPhone is connected to the same Wifi network as your Mac or PC.

  • The docking station charges your iphone 4 and it will communicate with the wakeuplight when there is an alarm to fire

  • It will charge but it won't sync anything other than the clock in the light unit itself.

  • No. This unit will not sync your phone with iTunes

    If you turned on wi-fi syncing for your iPhone 4 you could sync your phone while it is docked. This method of syncing would would need to be set up by you yourself on your iOS device, not through this dock.