does the airport extreme support wifi protected setup? the reviews i read say no, the wifi certification doesn't say, but the airport ap seems to

wifi protected setup can pair base stations and clients without the need of typing
the passphrase, the passphrase is sent to the client automatically based on authentication methods such as a push button, a pin number, or near field methods.

reviews of the airport extreme say that the unit does not support wifi protecfted setup
and the wiif alliance does not list it has having the feature

but the air port utility app seems to be able to negotiate wifi protected setup.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    This does work if you use the older 5.6 version of the AirPort utility. Apple seems to have removed the feature from the 6.x releases.

    If you have version 5.6 you can use the Add Wireless Clients feature as was mentioned above.

  • No, not for recent versions of Apple Mac OS X.

    If you have an earlier version of Mac OS X that supports Airport Utility 5.6, that version of the utility allows a “Manual Setup” that will allow you to configure a WiFi client using WPS. That utility, however, will refuse to install on later versions of Mac OS X, complaining that “The version of Mac OS X on this volume is not supported.”

    If you have a version of Mac OS X that will work with Airport Utility 5.6, note that it will not upgrade the AirPort to the latest firmware version. You can first install Airport Utility 6, upgrade your firmware, then downgrade to Airport Utility 5.6 in order to configure a WPS WiFi client.

  • Yes. Open the AirPort Utility, select your AirPort Extreme base station and click "Manual Setup."

    Next open the "Base Station" menu, located on the display's top menu bar, select "Add Wireless Clients..." and proceed.