Does Office 2011 have Format picture:compress file:all pictures, to reduce Word doc, Powerpoint like it PC version?

  • Asked by Douglas M from Sth Frankston
  • 18-Nov-2010
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Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 Family Pack

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    Trust Microsoft to make it harder than it needs to be.

    My doc which I exported to pdf to try and compress, it originally was 100mb for 6 A4 pages(mainly text with a couple of photos) which it crazy!!

    So much for default and no option when you save or print to pdf

    Any way long story short as long as you have your doc in words naive format(doc x extension) in the file menu there is a "Reduce file size.." option.

    Pretty self explanatory three option:
    -Best for Printing(220 ppi) = High quality
    -Best for viewing on screen(150 ppi) = Medium quality
    -Best for sending in e-mail(96 ppi) = low quality

    "Remove cropped picture region" option, basically if you can't see it, it doesn't keep it. Normal good unless you think you might want to change the picture's cropping later

    So now my 100mb file is 672kb in pdf format!

    I choose low quality and remove cropped picture region, because I wanted it as small as possible and it still looks fine and if I printed it, it still would look ok.

    One more little trick if you can't choose the "Reduce file size.." option because it is greyed out and it says [Compatibility Mode] on the top of your window "File" menu "Convert Document" should help you out, which will convert the document to the naive format(doc x extension).

    • Answered by Darren B from Fortitude Valley
    • 31-Jan-2012
  • It works, but only if your document is saved as .docx! Apparently, it doesn't work for the file format .doc

    • Answered by Stefan S from Edmonton
    • 14-Jan-2012
  • Yes it does! You just need to make sure your document is .docx. If it is .doc Word doesn't give you these options (how much better if they were there but greyed out!).
    The other answers explain how to does this very simply - either to the entire document (File>Reduce File Size) or for an individual picture.

    • Answered by William P
    • 04-Feb-2012
  • Very sad to say, it does not. I'm an ebook author and this is an extremely important feature for me to have. I have always been a pc guy and just recently made the switch to mac. I'm happy with many things about the mac but not being able to compress pics in word is terrible. When I work, I have to use my 5 year old pc!

    Also, it is very frustrating that I can not have live hyperlinks in a pdf created on a mac. Again, I need to work on my 5 year old pc.

    I spent a lot of money on this mac and I can't use it for work! Please fix these issues and make the resolutions available to mac owners. I want to be a loyal mac customer but I would never buy one again if I can't work on it. The features the mac is lacking are simple and have been available on the pc for years. It just doesn't make sense to me that the mac still doesn't have them.

    • Answered by John A from Florham Park
    • 19-May-2011
  • Thank you so much for these answers. This has saved me hours of work. I have to submit a .doc Word document for my University course but the file size is limited.

    My document was far too big so I converted it back to a .docx file type, used the compress picture option - you can do all the pictures in one go, and then saved it back as a .doc. I reduced the file size from 5mb to 1.6mb. Brilliant.

    • Answered by Zoe T
    • 02-Sep-2012
  • Yes, there is. In Word 2011, click on the picture then click on Format Picture ribbon menu - Click compress. Haven't tried on powerpoint but I think it's same.

    • Answered by Yudi H
    • 11-Nov-2011