Does Logic Studio record vocal tracks well?

I have been fooling around with garageband that came with my new imac. But it sounds thin and very tin like. Now, I am no music engineer... I just wanted to know if Logic studio would offer better vocal sound or do I need to get Pro Tools or something else? Thank you

  • Asked by Austin S from Richland
  • 26-Oct-2011
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    I have a feeling that if you used the same setup as you did with GarageBand, your vocals would sound the same in Logic.

    The reason for this is Logic will record your audio 'un-effected'. Meaning, it will be a clear example of exactly what is coming in through the mic. Once it's recorded, you can add the effects you like including loudness maximizers, compressors, reverb etc., to really beef up the vocal -- make the vocal shiny!

    A good idea is to first set up a decent recording environment and use a good mic to get the best quality audio in. Of course that doesn't only mean loudness. Next, get some good audio plugins to help you effect the audio so it stands out the way you'd like. I.e., like more reverb? Compression? Etc.

    IMHO, Logic records audio perfectly. Using ProTools or any other software will not do a better job if you have the same setup. What will help is what you do with the vocal setup, and the audio after its recorded.

    • Answered by Azam P from Mississauga
    • 29-Oct-2011