does it get dirty/stained very easily, and if so, how can i clean the stain?

Incase Slider Case for iPhone 3GS

Incase Slider Case for iPhone 3GS

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    The white one may, but I have the grey one, which is actually a little bit metallic and not just a flat boring grey. But It's a clean hard surface and not porous. I think if it happens to get a little something on it it'll wipe off with a dry cloth.

  • I have the pink case and after a year of use, yes the case looks somewhat dirty. I have tried to clean it with everything from soap and water to acetone but nothing seems to remove the grubby layer. Also the matte coloring has chipped away (I can scratch the layer off with my fingernail) to reveal the shiny undertone. If you don't want your case to look dirty I recommend buying a black or gray color they seem to hide dirt well or get a shiny plastic one (instead of matte) so nothing sticks, But I still think this is the best iPhone case out there by far.