Do these interfere with other bluetooth devices, like heart rate monitors?

I use a Polar heart rate monitor when working out, so I'd like to use both of these devices at once.

JayBird BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Headphones

JayBird BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Headphones

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    Hi Shaun

    Bluetooth Headphones like these use an A2DP protocol to send sound to your device. Bluetooth 4.0 is used to connect devices such as heart monitors and pedometers. They don't interfere with each other so you'll be able to use both types at once without a problem.

  • I use a Wahoo heart monitor with this at the same time. No interference.

  • I'm using a Polar HRM. Unfortunately, I experience a drop in connectivity and getting some noises. It is fine when I switch off the HRM. It also depends on where I hold my iPhone.

  • I've noticed some issues using those exact earbuds and a wahoo HR monitor. I'm debating on whether it is my phone (iPhone 5) or the HR monitor. My runs begin with crazy HR readings and then taper off to more normal readings after a few miles. Without the headphones it has been smoother, but I've missed music in my ears instead of from my arm. Strangely enough, when I first purchased the wahoo everything was gravy. I'm thoroughly confused now.

  • HI there -- OP here. I've actually been using my BlueBuds with a Wahoo TICKR X without an issue (I've abandoned the Polar). When I am on the bike, however, I have my TICKR X, RFLKT+ and a BlueSC, in addition to my BlueBuds. This renders the BlueBuds audio very choppy and pretty unusable. In this case, my iPhone 6 is in the back pocket of my jersey. When running with my TICKR alone, and the phone in my SPIBELT waistpack, I don't have an issue.

  • Yes they do. When I use them together with my Polar RCX5 and there's no way to get a normal HR reading. I've tried several of Polar's different heart rate sensors with no success so far, so in my case it is one or the other!
    Any advice from you guys??