do i need to keep my wireless printer connected to airport at all times?

I want to have my wireless printer in a different room than where my airport is. Once I hook the printer up to the airport (as it says in the tutorial), can i unplug it and have it work wirelessly in a different room...only plugged into the AC outlet for power?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    You have two basic options with a wireless printer. You can have it be a "network" printer that is connected to through your airport. For this you have to change settings on your printer along with the easy walkthrough on the airport utility.

    Otherwise you can have it be just a WiFi printer and not really go through your network at all.

    I have mine set up on my network because I want more security. Not that I really need much security for a home printer, but I don't want a neighbor to be able to select my printer accidentally and waste my ink.

    Really this sounds like a printer question. My best suggestion is to refer to your printer support to see which set up would work best for your situation. Or get into specifics with the genius bar.