Can you wash or clean the iPad mini covers/case?

iPad mini Smart Cover

iPad mini Smart Cover

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    Best thing to use is an unscented baby wipe and a terry cloth to dry

  • For the polyurethane covers, I just use a disinfecting wipe that has been wrung out a bit on the outside only. That cleans it very well. As far as the inside goes, I never clean that as that is cloth.

  • Yes

  • I always use a microfiber cloth, stop in at your nearest OPSM or any eye wear store. No need for cleaners, chemicals or even water..

  • I have the mini with a genuine smartcover on top, Samrick poly protecter below and use Fellowes multi-suface wipes for both of them AND the screen, just wipe with micro fibre cloth after, total job 20 seconds
    for the fluffy bit inside the cover, I've only had 1 minor stain, but waiting till fully dry and gentle brush with nailbrush did the trick

  • The iPad mini cover is a set of strips and a magnet covered in thin artificial leather with a smooth side and a sueded side. Here's how to clean it quickly and without having to worry about water or having the thing sit around drying for heaven knows how long.

    1. Use ninety-percent or above rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle to wipe down the smooth side either with a paper towel or a lint-free terry cloth.

    2. Use a nail brush lightly on the sueded side (the side that touches your screen).

    If it is especially dirty—if it is turning black in patches from use as a stand and contact with your hands while you use the iPad with the cover folded back—you can spray the inside cover lightly with rubbing alcohol and then use the nail brush.

    Caveat: using a nailbrush on sueded plastic will cause little tufts of soft plastic to come off so you'll have to use it carefully and sparingly. It will most likely wear through the sueded surface eventually, but I find it lessens an older cover's tendency to drop long, dirty lines on my screen every time I close it.

    Hope that's helpful.

  • yes!!!