can you see the scratches on the white iPhone or are they unnoticeable

Incase Slider Case for iPhone 3GS

Incase Slider Case for iPhone 3GS

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    you can see lots of scratches due to dirt and dust getting caught between the case and the phone. i personally don't care, but if you are particular about not getting scratches you may not like this case.

  • because the case is so tight fitting, and there is so little padding, it created two ugly and relatively deep scratches on my fully glossy new iphone. it is not just those light surface 5mm long random scratches but like 3-4cm long vertical scratch running parallel to each other.
    you could however put a small piece of paper on the back of your iphone as you slide it in , as I am doing now, to prevent further scratching, which seems to work, i just wish i had come on here to look at comments, who wouldve thought they overlooked such an obvious issue.