Can you plug it straight into the phone line?

I currently have a d-link dsl-g624t, which plugs straight into the phone line and gives me a internet connection. But it keeps messing up so i want to upgrade.


QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    No you can not do this with he airport, doing so may evan damage the airport. If you get the airport or any of apples networking devices you will have to get a modem, (normally offered by your service provider, or any good technology retailer should have them) for you'r case this would most likely be a DSL modem that will connect to your phone line for you then connect to the airport. If you get a modem that has a built in router, it would be best to put the modem in to bridge mode and then use the airport to dial the connection. this is how my configuration is set up and works perfectly for any networking i do evan with a full server running on it no problems no down time for 16 months so far from date of purchase.

  • no, connect it to a modem or internet gateway device with Ethernet cable