Can you control the lights over a cellular network?

  • Asked by Michael S from Hermosa Beach
  • 03-Nov-2012
  • Asked about:  Philips Hue Connected Bulb

3 Answers from the Community

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    Yes, once you have set up your account in the online portal as well as on your phone, you can activate them remotely over a cellular network connection.

    • Answered by Mark E from Thornton
    • 10-Nov-2012
  • I was able to control my lights even after having turned off wifi on my phone. There was much more lag between issuing commands and seeing a response (3-5 seconds compared to 1/2 second or less over wifi)

    • Answered by Peter B from San Jose
    • 09-Nov-2012
  • As long as you are signed in on the app, it will let you control the lights from the phone or iPad that is connected via a cellular network. As far as I know, I don't think you can control it via text message or phone call though depending on what you were asking.

    • Answered by Christian R from Ponte Vedra Beach
    • 06-Nov-2012