Can two Apogee's be used at the same time? If I start with a ONE now, can I add a Duet later?

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

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    In theory yes you can by "Aggregating the Devices" in Audio MIDI Set up, which is an Application found in the Utilities Folder

    Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Set Up

    To set up an Aggregate Device: (Snow Leopard)
    Go to "Audio MIDI Set Up"
    Click on the + button on the bottom left of the window
    Check ONE and Duet

    Now, when you're setting your Audio Device (Audio Input / Output)
    in your Mac, GarageBand, Logic, or MainStage,
    Aggregate Device will be an option.
    It basically combines the Inputs and Outputs of the devices you aggregate.