Can Toast play Blu Ray movies on my Mac

Recently purchased an LG Blu Ray External Disc Rewriter/Burner. Will this software enable me to play Blu Ray discs on the Mac?

  • Asked by Timothy T from Newcastle
  • 06-Jun-2011
Toast 11 Titanium

Toast 11 Titanium

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    No, it doesn't give you that option. You can edit your HD footage but, once you've burned your footage to disc, that's it... you can't view it, or other Blu-ray movies, on your Mac again. Apple is, sadly, very behind with all this.

    • Answered by Derren W from Toronto
    • 16-Jul-2011
  • Roxio manufactures this software package in a very unprofessional way - they give you so many options but most of them are demos. For Blu Rays, despite what it says on the box and in the technical specifications, you have to buy an additional plug-in from their website (costing 15 pounds) in order to unlock the Blu Ray burning capability.

    They have assembled this all-in-one package as if it was meant for Windows, they seem to forget that, as Mac users, when we buy a product that states it has been specifically designed to work on Macs it should do just that : work straight out of the box. On top of paying an already big price, I had to pay for the plug-in too so that I can save my data on Blu Ray, very "nice" work, Roxio!.

    Don't know about the possibility to play Blu Rays on Macs, haven't used that option as of yet, I bought it just to be able to save my data on Blu Ray instead of DVD, Blu Rays are much more scratch-resistant than DVDs and they can also hold a lot more data, at least 25 GB.

    • Answered by Ciprian L from Manchester
    • 26-Jun-2013