Can this be used as a normal stylus as well?

Griffin Crayola® ColorStudio™ HD

Griffin Crayola® ColorStudio™ HD

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    No, it cannot be used as a normal stylus. I just purchased it today and tried it out as a normal stylus. It has a "clicking" mechanism similar to you tapping the screen multiple times that the Crayola App recognizes as different from your fingers. Because of this mechanism, if you were to try and type the letter "g" it would input "ggggggggggggggggg". Since this was made specifically for the Crayola App, it would not be able to be used as a normal stylus. My experience with this product is that it wasn't better than my fingers and thus I've decided to return it to the store.

  • No, It's not very good at moving within the app such as selecting pens/colours. It's even worse at drawing.I've also returned it. I used It on the new iPad.To be honest your finger will draw better & move around the app more consistently than the pen. It is of poor quality & is really frustrating to try and draw with.This is a waste of money in my opinion.