Can the time capsule be used with the Sonos music streaming system and if so how?

I have my music collection in ituunes on my iMac. I am thinking of buying a Sonos music system and wish to use it in connection with a 2TB time capsule acting as the always on server. I will transfer the itunes library to the TC. Is this possible and if so how.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Hi DM
    A quick but incomplete answer is a clear "yes". We have the Sonos system in 6 rooms running the music off of a TC 2 GB with no problems at all. Only 2 issues is/was giving Sonos the right path to the TC due to the syntax. That took help from Sonos' efficient support. But after that it just works.
    The only thing being a pain is the fact that iTunes keeps forgetting the path to the TC. this means that everything we buy from via iTunes need to be transferred to the TC manually (that was actually what I came in here to look for a solution for...).

    So I can warmly recommend the combination.