Can the screen of my Apple Device become damaged or effected in any way by being on/lit all night if it is docked or a time/alarm app is running?

A while ago I had a docking station for my then iPhone 3G & iPod Touch and I also downloaded a few Clock/Alarm/Nightstand type Apps. I was unsure at the time if the screens of my devices can be damaged by being on for a good 8/9 hours solid. So basically that's my question! If I leave an App running meaning the backlight/screen is on all night, is it harmful?

The reason I now ask again is i've just ordered a new docking station for my now iPhone 4 and may be using the same Nightstand Apps and obviously don't wanna break my phone :S

  • Asked by Paul D
  • 05-Nov-2011
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  • With a TFT LCD display like the iPhones, image persistence is not much of a worry. IN the old days of CRT monitors, images could "burn in" or persist forever, as phosphor burn in would make an image permanently persist on the screen.

    With an LCD display however image persistence is a lot less likely. It does happen from time to time, but normally is resolvable by simply turning the device off for a while, letting the crystals relax.

    Its always good to cycle the image on the screen just to ensure this does not happen, but it is still unlikely.

    On a personal note I have accidentally left my iPad and iPhone with the display turned on many times, with no ill effect, and there is even an option to "never lock" the display.

    • Answered by Patrick H
    • 22-Apr-2012