Can the iPad 10W USB Power Adaptor be used to charge the iPhone 5?

Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

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    Yes It Can

  • Yes, just unplug the USB to 30 pin connector and replace with the new lightening connector and your ready to charge your iOS devices which have the lightening connector.

    Just to clarify I tested this myself with the USB to lightening connector as I have this product and works great.

    Hopes this helps

  • Yes, charge your iPhone 5 a lot faster with the 10W USB Power Adapter than with a 5W USB charger or through the laptop's USB connector that only outputs 5W.

    The iPhone 5, the iPod touch 5th generation and the iPod nano all have the new Lightning connector and you will have to use the Lighting to USB cable or the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter or the Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter (0.2m - 3 inch) dongle.