Can TC be set up to not use DHCP and to connect to ethernet via a LAN instead of the WAN port? If so, how?

My daughter's dorm at college has some very fussy requirements and they provide instructions for setting up some wireless routers but not Apple wifi products.

"Your router must have its DHCP server completely disabled.
You should connect an ethernet cable from wall jack directly into one of the numbered jacks on the back of the router, NOT the WAN port."

In the airport utility setup I see I can switch DHCP to manual, but don't see how to turn it off.

When I accidentally hooked the ethernet to a LAN port it didn't work.


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    Using airport utility...

    1. Select Manual Setup at the opening screen.
    2. Select Internet (icon at the top of the window) and Internet Connection tab
    3. Connect Using - select Ethernet
    4. Connect Sharing - select Off (Bridge Mode)

    This will turn off DHCP and use the networks DHCP server to allocate you an IP address automatically.

    I'm using my Belkin modem/router as my DHCP server so I've set up my AE in just this manner. Simply plug an ethernet cable into the WAN socket and into the network socket in the room...

    Good luck!