Can I use this keyboard on a pc desktop??

  • Asked by Jane W from Melbourne
  • 01-Oct-2009
Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, it will, but the funcation keys wont do anything (volume up/down) to fix this use a snowlepord CD and install the drivers onto a PC

    • Answered by Alberto F from Scarsdale
    • 22-Oct-2009
  • Yes but the function keys will not work. Also the clear button works as the NUM Lock button.

    • Answered by Peggy M from Gloverville
    • 07-Nov-2009
  • it kinda depends on what you have on the PC.
    when Windows XP, it can be used but you may have to install the drivers before connecting the keyboard, not all versions of XP will recognize it.

    with 7, it should work pretty much out-of-the-box, but the drivers would be useful to get all the keys to work, F1 through F12 should work as normal, but the other F# keys won't do anything without the drivers, the eject-key doesn't work without the drivers either.

    with Linux, it will work but make sure you change the keyboard layout to "US English (mac)" or "US English (Macintosh)" depending on the version.
    (when not using the US English version one should obliviously replace "US English" with the layout of the keyboard, so in my case it would be "Dutch (mac)" or "Dutch (Macintosh)")

    • Answered by Richard M from Briltil
    • 08-Apr-2010
  • yes.

    • Answered by Michael E from Murrumba Downs
    • 02-Oct-2009
  • Yes but 2 my experiece If you are using windows 7 64 bit use the Leopard OSX disc, particularlly 10.5.4.. Open the disc and go to the bootcamp folder, open it then open the drivers folder. Finally open the Apple folder and click on the bootcamp 64 installer and reboot.

    • Answered by Aaron W
    • 15-Jul-2010
  • Yes. The Only Thing Is That You Cant Use The iTunes Controls. Other Then That, It Works Perfectly. I Have One, And Im Using A PC. So That Gives You An Idea. Great Buy. 5 Stars

    • Answered by Richie F
    • 05-Jul-2010
  • "Yes, it will, but the funcation keys wont do anything (volume up/down) to fix this use a snowlepord CD and install the drivers onto a PC"

    This is true... but you don't need to install the whole of bootcamp.... - you can have the function keys working.

    • Answered by Andrew F
    • 18-Jan-2012
  • Yes it will im using it to type this message right now im on windows 7 64-bit and it works

    • Answered by Joe G
    • 20-Nov-2011
  • Yes, It works really well

    • Answered by Christopher S from Sydney
    • 24-Dec-2009
  • I'd love to know how. I've tried it on usb 2.0 ports and usb 1.0 hub and neither work. Drivers installed.

    • Answered by James R from Waterford
    • 08-Dec-2009