can i use it when im snowborading?

i snowboard and im asking if i can mount it on my helmet or do i have to buy a go pro or something like thát becuase this is a resonable price and imsking if this will work on jumps and eveything and or buy a go pro and im not conceirned about my iphone4 becuase i can throw it eveywhere an dit doesent break and i have averythuing from apple except my computer (ipad mini,ipad 2,iphone4,iphone 4s,iphone 4, ipod touch 4 gen 2 times and a ipod nano twic and i just lovw apple so yah please help me thank you for your help thanks :)

Optrix XD Rugged Case

Optrix XD Rugged Case

Product No Longer Available

1 Answer from the Community

  • This case likes grind rails and small kickers but hates off piste. When I tried going off piste the case actually ran off. In the end I found it curled up in front of the fire back at the chalet. Buy with caution, treat like a small child.