Can I use Disk Warrior with Snow Leopard 10.6.6, booted from an external harddrive? If so, how do I install it on my external harddrive? Thanks!

Disk Warrior and 10.6.6?

Alsoft DiskWarrior 4

Alsoft DiskWarrior 4

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    Your startup disk is the disk containing the current System folder. Since the startup disk cannot be removed from the desktop, you cannot rebuild the startup disk directory. To rebuild the startup disk you need to start up from the DiskWarrior disc. You can use DiskWarrior on any startup disk regardless of the version of the Mac OS that is installed on that disk. See the DiskWarrior manual for additional procedures to rebuild the startup disk.

    ----from diskwarrior README file.

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  • Yes. I did this as the DiskWarrior CD wont book a new macbook pro. The steps I took were:

    1. Bought a LaCIE 1 TB rugged external drive (recommended on this site)
    2. Installed Disk Warrior on my macbbok pro hard drive
    3.Downloaded carbon copy cloner (donation software)
    4. Use Disk Utility to format LaCIE as GUID partition (applications>utilities>
    4. Cloned hardrive to LacIE with carbon copy cloner.
    5. Shut down Macbook pro
    6. Boot up LaCIE by pressing "alt" key after chime noise on start up of the macbook pro (or use system preferences>start up)
    7. Run DiskWarrior on my harddrive from the OS running on the LaCIE

    This approach doubles up backup and DiskWarrior maintenance. If you partition the ext drive into 2 plus partitions then you do a second clone with the hard drive in your Macbook pro unmounted (eg a block level rather than file clone).

    Also you can use DW on your Timemachine backups if you mount the Timemachine and on your FileVaults if you use encryption.