Can I record live "real" instruments?

I need to record my own Piano and Drums but need something to add some layers on and produce releasable sounding material. If I use Logic can I record my own instuments onto it and then doctor the sounds when I've recorded them? I presume I will also need good mics for this?

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QA Logic Studio

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    Yes, you can record any instrument, and mic anything.

  • I guess you can buy a midi key board for about the same price as the cost of two good microphones for the piano, e.i. about $ 200. With that key board you can also tap in the drums instead of spending a fortune on special microphones for the drums.


  • You only get out what you put in, and especially when recording piano, get the best mics you can. I'm guessing if you're recording piano and drums, chances are you're going to want to do some processing work on your audio. Logic has everything you would need to tidy up, enhance or otherwise manipulate your audio.