can i pad connect to USB external hard disk ?

  • Asked by Lokesh M
  • 01-Aug-2010
Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

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    Yes, in a roundabout way. There are some limits:
    1. It has to be self powered
    2. It can only sync pictures (no viewing/editing/copying documents)
    3. It CAN sync pics, but only if in a DCIM folder (what a camera creates)
    Hope this helps

    • Answered by Cody C from Leavenworth
    • 08-Nov-2010
  • The answer is YES! There are two ways that you can do this:

    1) You can import your photos via iTunes, by using your computer.

    2) With the new Camera Connection Kit, you are now able to import your photos from an SD card or via USB cable from your camera or hard drive. But keep in mind that you are only allowed to import photos and not necessarily files or folders.

    • Answered by Andrew L from Honolulu
    • 02-Apr-2012
  • Through a computer, you may transfer music, photos, contacts, and all other iTunes compatible media/data to your iPad via iTunes. As far as direct transfer by plugging your external hard disk directly into your iPad, no it is not possible, as there is no USB port on the iPad. The only open port for data transfer is the dock connector port located in the bottom of your iPad.

    • Answered by Eddie P from Jackson
    • 09-Aug-2010
  • You can't because the iPad can't sync to it

    • Answered by Stephen B from San Francisco
    • 06-Nov-2010