Can I have two display monitors, eg, one for the editorial and the other for the mix or other combo's simultaneously?

  • Asked by Thomas P from Burbank
  • 19-Feb-2011
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    Mac Pro's have dual monitor capability so if you run Logic on that you could quite easily use 2 x 30" cinema screens, with one running the Arrange and the Other the Mixer. I used to do this with an old G5 with 2 x 20" monitors.

    It's not the Logic Studio software that takes care of this, it is the hardware you've got.

    All you would need to is select the appropriate windows in the top menu, drag them to the screens and save them as a screenset so you could click on your number pad (1-9) and it would recall the set-up of your screens assigned.

    • Answered by Joe A
    • 13-Aug-2011
  • I have an iMac G5 17" and use an old monitor (from bad old pc days) as my second display e.g. for the mixer or editors. I had to download something called Screen Spanning Doctor, to make it work. It's not by Apple, but it's third party freeware and is easily found by websearching. You have to firstly read their checklist to see if your Mac is on the 'compatible' list and they warn you that they are not responsible for anything which upsets your Mac or any unexpired warranty. It may be that dual monitor usage is automatic on Intel Macs - I don't know - haven't aspired to one yet.

    I took the plunge, and it worked fine, with no downsides. Once the small software patch is installed, you go into System Preferences -> Displays and then it's fun to position the two virtual displays (one is your Mac) so that they match their physical position in your studio. This is via the new 'Arrangement' tab, which doesn't appear until the patch is in. You also have to uncheck the 'Mirrors Display' option, otherwise you'll just get two identical monitor screens. You may have to juggle screen resolution settings etc. to match the capabilities of the extra monitor, but it doesn't take long.

    Then, for example create a separate mixer (or any other window) from the menu bar and drag it across until it appears on the second monitor. Liberating! Even with Logic's great Screensets function, a second monitor is very useful.

    • Answered by Lesley N
    • 28-Apr-2011