can I get irig to play through an amp? What cords do I need to buy?

irig connecting to guitar, iOS device AND a real amp?

AmpliTube iRig

AmpliTube iRig

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    Its easy to play it through an amp. all you need is an 1/8 inch aux cable and an 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter. One end plugs into the headphone jack on the iRig and the other end into the adapter which plugs into the amp input. Note that you will only get mono sound.

  • You would want to play through an amp if playing live in a group. You MUST keep your amp at a non-effects setting otherwise your iPhone/iPad and the amp will both be trying to create effects.

    The effects coming from the iPhone/iPad will be further "enhanced" by the effects on your amp and sound like garbage. So run the amp plain without effects.

    If you have an effect on your amp that you like and want to use, then switch the output of the iPhone/iPad to no effects and use your foot-switch to add the effects on the amp.

    When patching the iRig to your amp don't use any adapters. Get a cord with the mini-jack on one end and the 1/4" jack on the other.

  • It says in the instructions specifically NOT to use a 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter when connecting to an external amp. It says to use a single cord with a stereo 3.5mm male pin leading to (2) 1/4" (or RCA) mono male pins. You plug the 3.5mm stereo into your iDevice, and (1) of the mono pins into your amp's input. There is some reason to heed this, other than voiding your warranty. Consider,

    Typically the input port on a guitar amp is designed for a mono input signal. If your adapter ends in stereo, you are feeding it a signal it wasn't designed to understand. If you get an adapter that down-mixes stereo to mono, you are introducing some level of resistance into the system. Neither are likely to break anything, but you might get some unwanted feedback, or no sound at all. If your amp has special needs I suppose it could even damage it.

    But some guitar amps have an input designed for a stereo signal. In this case a mono input won't hurt, but a stereo input would be a better choice. Some guitars are capable of outputting a stereo signal, though usually in addition to a mono out. You should probably avoid using the stereo outs on your iRig, not because they're stereo but because they carry an active signal which the iRig might not be made to impede.

    As long as you follow the conventions of the in/outputs using an adapter shouldn't be a problem. I would use a high quality one to avoid introducing noise into the system. A cheap model could do anything. It could blow up England. Never underestimate poor quality electronics.

    I'm considering using an adapter right now, but it's not the adapter I worry about. I worry about the software. It's relatively new, so it has some bugs. The company employs tactics to charge you twice for mistakes, like not buying additional apps as "in-app"..apps. I don't trust them and I want to have followed their instructions perfectly in case my software fails. I really don't like to get screwed.