can I charge my iPhone4 with the 10W charger without hurting the iPhone? Also, will my iPhone 5w charger be ok to charge my iPad when off.

  • Asked by Gary S from Garden City
  • 08-Jul-2011
Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes You Can Charge Your iPhone 4 Without Hurting It Because Apple Shows That The Apple World Travel Adapter Kit Can Charge iPhone 4 And It Includes The 10W Charger.
    I Own World Travel Adapter Kit And Charging All iPhone,iPods & iPads Without A Problem

    • Answered by Mohit M from Indore (madhya Pradesh)
    • 27-Jul-2011
  • Yes to both questions. The latter scenario will charge the iPad a lot slower though.

    • Answered by Taylor L from San Francisco
    • 16-Mar-2012
  • I see that they added the 3rd generation "new" iPad to the compatibility list, but not the iPhone 5. Any idea why it would not be compatible with the iPhone 5? I know the 5's battery is a little bit different... Maybe there is some reason for this to not be compatible?

    • Answered by Rory G from Westfield
    • 08-Oct-2012